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Created On4/23/2009
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When Does My Credit Card Get Charged charges your credit card when your order is READY TO SHIP. However, when an order is placed online, the bank will put a temporary authorization on your credit card for approximately 7 days.

During that time, the authorized fund will be on hold by your credit card bank. The bank is just using this to verify that your card is valid, has enough funds to cover the purchase and that it's not stolen. 

If a Credit Card was used, the credit limit of the card will be decreased by the pre-order amount, but the credit limit will be returned to the account once the authorization is over in 4-7 days.

If a Debit Card was used, funds equal to the order amount will be set aside and be on hold by your bank for 7-10 days.

Gift Cards Welcomed: If you would like to use a Gift Card as payment, it would be best if you place the order by phone, toll free at 1-800-980-0322.

When we ship your order and capture the payment, that is when the real charge goes through. As a company policy, we will charge the customer's credit card when the order is ready to ship.

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